July Part 2 — more miracles

4 min readAug 17


Mir·a·cle(n.): an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

photo by aaron andary on Unsplash


A few days ago, I had severe body pain. It was like as if someone removed something important from my stomach side. I could barely walk and I was on my way home. I didn’t want to disturb my parents about coming to take me. While I was in the cab going home and in pain, I suddenly remembered I had not prayed about it. I began to pray and quote the word of God while in the cab, and a few minutes later, the pain suddenly disappeared. It was like a dream to me. I felt so much at ease. God is a prayer-answering God. Sometimes, he just wants you to ask Him and trust that he’ll do it before He does it.


After I became a nurse and started working on the floor, I knew it was not something I would do for long. It was like a heavy burden. Work was a bit devastating, exhausting and tasking. There were many days I would cry before going to my shift because I dreaded what kind of patients awaited me. Would the night go by fast and quiet or not? Am I ready to respond to acute emergencies? Maybe, not. So, I started looking into marketing and other career paths. I turned to God to seek some clarity. And apparently, it seems like I did have options. But the pain/ desperation shut my eyes to see the possibilities in my current career. So, I decided to go outpatient in the time being. After months of searching, ‘networking’ and applying (this is easy to write now but I went through it) for something else to get into.

I came across an app called incredible health. I thought it was all going to be the same story. I have tried different websites and paid for a subscription. In the first few weeks, I scheduled a few interviews but many were either not interested in me or the other way around. Then a recruiter for an outpatient oncology infusion RN position at Johns Hopkins Hospital reached out and scheduled a telephone interview. I honestly did not even search for a job at John’s Hopkins Hospital. I was not really crazy for a job there. We had the phone interview and she started going through my qualifications, which were apparently wrong; I did not have the 3 year requirement for infusions and/or oncology. I had to correct her because I didn’t want to lead them on knowing I did not have what was required. I honestly thought that it was already a done deal and might not get an interview with the manager. But then I got scheduled for an interview with the manager. I did an interview with the manager over zoom.

After days of waiting for a response on how it went. The recruiter reached out saying the manager loved me. The offer took a few insufferable days but it came through. The pay and the benefits are better. I went through the whole onboarding process and I am so grateful it all went well. I can see how God really wanted me here. I never could have imagined working in such a position or hospital without God doing it. The job description is amazing. If you asked me years ago if I would ever work in Oncology, I doubt I’d say yes. God does so much better than our expectations. And He knows what we need. Now, I don’t know if I’d still pursue Marketing in future.


I grew up in a Christian home and my parents are both pastors so I knew a lot about God and the scripture. I used to think my dad’s faith covered me and I didn’t need to do much. When I left home for university, I experienced freedom and could finally try new things. I was still struggling when it came to knowing God’s voice. Sometimes I yielded, sometimes I didn’t. I was on and off with him. When I came to Lithuania it was really difficult and lonely. I had never been away from my family for so long. I had so many internal battles and sicknesses, and so I came to an option to try God and see if it would work. It was so difficult to stay in his presence and just learn about him while being sick. God provided someone I could report to every time and they encouraged me in the Lord. I was learning about who Jesus is and his power.

There were some on and off days, but the great part was that I finally got healed; free of burdens. I strongly believe that God actually heals completely anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts my internal battles. I was faced with a choice to stick to Jesus or leave. I thought to myself that if Jesus could heal me then there was no point leaving, and all I need is in him. So I decided to seek God with all my heart. I started by attending bible studies diligently, setting aside all the things I knew and learning new things, I also started spending time with God and serving in a church department. Hearing from God became clearer and I was learning how to serve genuinely from him and he blessed me. I still struggle but I have realized that God is my father and he sees me as his child.

I pray these blessed you! More coming soon, so don’t go anywhere just yet!